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VA Compensation Benefits

As a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces you are entitled to compensation for your service-connected disabilities, and likely qualify for many other benefits including extensive medical coverage. Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims process for obtaining these benefits can be difficult to navigate and is often riddled with errors as a result the VA failing to interpret the governing laws and regulations in favor of the Veteran.

We at Solomon, Maharaj & Kasimati, P.A. advocate for Veterans and their families to assist them with obtaining the maximum level of benefits in every possible way. Whether you are just beginning the claims process, beginning an appeals process, or have an appeal that has been pending, working with a Veteran’s disability lawyer is your best chance of getting the most out of your VA benefits from the earliest effective date possible.

If you have been denied compensation for your service-connected disabilities, or have any questions pertaining to your VA benefits please contact us now to speak with an attorney at our Firm and learn about how we can help you get you the most out of your VA benefits and compensation that you deserve!


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