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Disciplinary Action & Adverse Actions

After an employee investigation, federal employers may continue with a proposed disciplinary action if they have found evidence of misconduct. Whether disciplinary action has already been proposed or not, early intervention is key. It is during this critical stage that an attorney can advocate for you and prepare an effective written and or oral reply to your employer. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate through each phase, finding ways to shield you from career-damaging actions or mitigate any proposed penalty.

Common accusations that result in disciplinary action include:

  • Conduct Unbecoming a Federal Employee

  • Lack of Candor or Falsification

  • Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP)

  • Violence or Harassment in the workplace

  • Insubordination/negligence

  • Misuse of government credit card or funds

  • AWOL

  • Suspension of Security Clearances

  • Misuse of a Government Owned Vehicle (GOV)

  • Failure to Follow Supervisor Orders

  • Performance issues

What You Should do After Receiving Proposed Disciplinary Action:

Every proposed disciplinary action should be taken seriously. In some cases, the action may be the final step before your superiors decide to terminate you. Therefore, it is very important you handle every proposed action appropriately. Our attorneys may be able to help you reply to the allegations and negotiate a solution that preserves your career and your record, file a complaint or grievance if you received unfair treatment, or file an appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

Our attorneys take proposed disciplinary actions very seriously and would love to discuss how they can assist you. Please call or email today.


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